March 22, 2014

As from March 22, 2014, the famous Mardasson Memorial in Bastogne will be flanked by a new building dedicated to the Remembrance of the Second World War: The Bastogne War Museum. The bold architectural concept of the Museum will welcome visitors for a unique journey to the past.

The Bastogne War Museum experience will allow the visitor to step back in time and understand the reality of the Battle of the Bulge. From the causes of the Battle to its dramatic consequences, the visitor will be immersed in an interactive experience.
The personal testimonies, the many authentic artefacts, the innovative scenography, and the experience-orientated approach (three scenovisions, 3D Multi-sensorial devices) make the forthcoming Bastogne War Museum a must see.

Furthermore, the new museum area is being developed as a vibrant place and will host many temporary exhibitions and events. The coffee shop, patio and shop complete the ideal setting for a visit.

Opening : : March 22, 2014
Exhibition area : 1.600 m2
Objects exhibited : more than 400
Duration of visit : 1h30 to 2h00
(visit of the Memorial of the Mardasson included)
Available languages : French, Dutch, English, German
(visit and audioguides)
Shop, cafeteria, patio, free parking
Exhibition spaces for children
Appropriate access for disabled people